Thing You Must Know Before Purchasing Cabinets

1.  Why Choose Custom Over Stock Cabinets? 

Just as they say “one-size-fits-all” regarding to clothing, this is seldom true for cabinetry. Custom cabinetry is a way to embrace creative solutions and truly make your space your own. With custom cabinetry you can eliminate wasted space, the possibilities are unlimited. Custom cabinetry is made to order and can incorporate many different design elements that can bring out your style or personality. There is no substitute for craftmanship and expertise to make your dream space a reality.

2.  Do the Cabinets Have a Warranty?

A reputable cabinet shop should stand behind their work. An abundant amount of expertise went behind making the cabinets. A quality cabinet maker’s work will look good for many years to come, sometimes for a lifetime. Larson's Cabinet Co. offers a limited lifetime warranty.

3.  What Should you Look for in Quality Built Cabinets?

High quality cabinets should look stunning and provide functional storage for many years to come. A very important component of cabinet construction is soft close hinges. Quality cabinets should be adjustable hinges and allow for the doors to expand and contract during seasonal changes. Hardwood dovetail drawer boxes are a sure sign of high-quality construction. The drawer boxes are the one of the first to fall apart. Hardwood dovetail drawers add to the durability and strength to keep your cabinets looking and functioning great for years to come. Larson's Cabinet Co. use quality materials and heavy duty construction methods.

4.  What are the Most Popular Type of Finishes?

Larson's Cabinet Co. offers painted finishes as well as many different stained wood finishes.

5.  How to Care for and Keep your Cabinets Looking New? 

Cabinets are a big investments and receive a lot of daily use and can start to take a toll on them. The last thing you want is for them to lose their like-new appearance. You can keep this like-new appearance by doing the following things: Clean your cabinets consistently. By regularly cleaning your kitchen cabinets you can prevent a build-up of stubborn stains that lead to discoloration. Avoid harsh chemicals. Chemical cleaners are full of abrasive ingredients that can over time damage your cabinet’s finish. Try to avoid anything with ammonia in it. You’ll want to keep moisture from your cabinets as much as possible. No matter how many coats of paint and polish your cabinets has, the wood will get damaged if continually exposed to water. They best method to clean cabinets is warm soapy water. Be sure to dry them after wiping them down.